Player Biographies: Eve Harrison, Flute

Eve Harrison

Eve joined the Palisades Symphony in 2016 and has found a lot of joy in playing beautiful music with her fellow musicians and Maestro Joel Lish.  Eve holds a B.A. in music and has been in love with the flute since the first day she picked up the instrument. Eve has played principal flute with the Wesleyan University Symphony Orchestra, University of Pennsylvania Baroque Chamber and Afrocuban Ensembles, as well as many other small ensembles. She loves world music,  chamber music, teaching flute, and playing music for weddings and other ceremonies in her flute and guitar duo.

 Outside of music performance, she is also a yoga teacher, a veterinarian, and a veterinary acupuncturist. She has practiced, lectured, and published internationally as a veterinarian but also enjoys working close to home, teaching private yoga lessons and volunteering in animal shelters.  She has recently started working with animals in the comfort of their homes as a mobile veterinary acupuncturist and is loving it!

 Eve feels that a dedication to music has informed many other aspects of her life, from yoga, to surgery, to friendship, to self-compassion, and everything in between.  Eve has a marvelous fluffy orange cat named Marigold, who has an affinity for Bach flute sonatas.  Please say hello if you would like to connect:

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